Autocross track NOVÁ PAKA

Race track in Štikovská ravine. Every year, the best riders from all over Europe compete for the victory on a 930 meter specially aluminous-sandy track. The organizers of the Novopacky autoclub have built a European-level racing complex, where several top races in various disciplines are run during the year - in addition to autocross races, motocross, kartcross, hobby autocross are run here and it is very popular as a place teambuilding events and social centers.

Parameters Autocross track

  • Surface: Clay, clay, sand
  • Length: 930 m
  • Width: 10-20m
  • Cant: 37 m
  • Locality : Racecourse area AK - Štikovská rokle outskirts Nové Paky

The track is clay-sandy and therefore passable in almost any weather. The spectator areas are protected by double barriers and now also by the FIA ​​fence. Thanks to the terrain, almost the entire track can be seen from the spectator areas. The track is unique in Europe due to its location, terrain and surface and is popular among riders. Thanks to this, the annual participation of riders is the largest of the entire series of the European Championship. The track has recently undergone several changes, the biggest of which is the creation of an asphalt start.