Matchenberg over the weekend and then Štikovská Rokle.


The fourth race of the European Championship will be held over the weekend very close to the Czech border in Matschenberg, where a lot of Czech fans plan to visit. On this traditional track we will see 17 drivers of Junior Buggy, including Jakub Novotný, Filip Hartman and Daniel Pytloun. Among the touring cars will not be missing the top of the category Václav Fejfar, Martin Samohýl or Adrian Boele.

Most registered drivers are in the Buggy 1600 division, in total 33. Along with regular Czech participants Milan Vaněk and Petr Nikodém, is also registered Jiří Svoboda. In Super Buggy there will be competing for European points 28 drivers. From the best 10 drivers all shall be seen on the start including the best Czech representative, third Jakub Kubíček, Petr Bartoš, Roman Keřka, Radek Jordák and Jaroslav Hašek. In total there are 88 drivers registered.

The amount of registered drivers for the race in Nová Paka is now over 120. Almost 50 drivers want to start in the Buggy 1600 division, including the returnee Viťa Nosálek. In Super Buggy division there are already registered more than 40 racers. And we can also expect the semi-finals in Junior Buggy, where there are at the moment 17 registered drivers. In the touring Autocross we should see six Czech and six foreign contestants. The race in Štikovská Rokle will close the first half of the European Championship.

Pavel Vydra