Matchenberg – Václav Fejfar enjoyed “Christ year” victory.


When someone reaches 33 years, we celebrate the so called “Christ years”. On Sunday Václav Fejfar has won his 33rd European Championship race. He had no match in the Touring Autocross division, winning the training heats, two qualifying heats (he did not have to start in the 3rd), semi-finals and the final. The second time in a row he scored full 35 points (10 for qualifying heats and 25 for the final). So far this year he is the only driver with full points in both races. He is leading his division with 70 points followed by Otakar Výborný (58 points) and Paulius Pleskovas (46 points).

“It looks as a simple victory, but I and especially Aleš Fučík have quite damaged cars from the attacks of our rivals and our mechanics will definitely have a lot to do to prepare our vehicles in time for the home race over the weekend. Aleš Fučík has further more damaged his turbo, during one, not so well organized, start. In general I am satisfied with the result and I will try to repeat it in Nová Paka, where the competetion will be much tougher.” Said Václav Fejfar after the race.

In other categories the following drivers were in Matchenberg successful: in Buggy 1600 won Tafani followed by Nosálek and Peters. Nikodém finished 11th. In Super Buggy surprisingly Terry Calaghan beat Stubbe and Hinnenkamp. Best Czech driver was Kubíček (5th) and Hošek (11th). The Junior Buggy was won by Šmíd, followed by Pähler and Vaněk. Excellent 5th place belonged to Adéla Zoubková.

Now the complete autocross caravan is slowly moving to Nová Paka, where over the weekend (3rd – 5th of July) in Štikovská Rokle the third European Championship race will take place. The clerk of the course Ladislav Tejchman adds: “This year´s success of Václav Fejfar is the best invitation for motor sport fans to visit Štikovská Rokle and I believe that other Czech drivers will be also as successful here”

The pictures taken by Michaela Havlová and Tomáš Němec prove that the driver from Lužany has put on a decent airshow for the spectators. For information the jump is followed by a right angle left turn …. And the reactions of the driver: “my guys told me that I do not jump much so I added speed”

Pavel Vydra