Number of registered drivers has exceeded 100.


One of the most beautiful and most difficult tracks in Europe is the one in Škikovká Rokle. Every year it attracts many autocross drivers and this year it is not different. On the 15th of June there are already 102 registered contestants from 16 European countries. Most are in the Buggy 1600 – over 40 drivers, led by Mandel, Peters and Buddelmeyer. Czech fans will be delighted to see next to Marek Sekanina and Peter Nikodém also the former European Champion Ondřej Musil.

Only one driver less is registered in the Supper Buggy division. Here we have the entry forms of Stubbe, Albers, De Jong, Dufour, Hinnenkamp, Kubíček, Hošek, Callaghan, Turek, Anacleto amd many others. Contemporary list of 14 registered drivers in the Touring Autocross bears the names of Václav Fejfar, Aleš Fučík, Michelle Ottoboni, Jan and Ladislav Brožek, Paulius Pleskovas or Otakar Výborný. Nine drivers are registered in the Junior Buggy. According to our estimate we expect around 120 drivers to attend the third race of the European Championship.

Over the weekend (13th – 14th of June) took place the second year of the motorsport festival in Bohnice compound called the LEGENDS 2015. Here the FUCHS OIL AUTOCROSS Nová Paka FIA European Championship race was presented as the peak of the autocross season. Several autocross drivers have introduces their race specials including Václav Fejfar, Jaroslav Hošek, Petr Nikodém, Lukáš Svoboda and Filip Šmíd.

At the moment the program for the EC race is being finalized. It will again have many pages of information about drivers, race statistics, and it will zoom on the career of two autocross legends: Jaroslav Hošek and Karel Havel.

Photo: The race in Nová Paka was presented on the motorsport festival in Prague (PHOTO: Pavel Vydra)

Pavel Vydra