Nová Paka prepares for Autocross.


If you ask anywhere about Nová Paka you will receive the same answers: Autocross and semi precious stones. And autocross race is exactly what will take place this weekend (29.6. – 1.7.). Already the 32nd European Championship race takes place in Štikovká Rokle. Great interest among drivers to participate in this very attractive, but difficult race prove 110 registered contestants from 15 European countries. All the top European racers will be present. The weather forecast promises high temperatures (around 30°C), so the organizers expect a lot of visitors, who always prepare a great atmosphere for the drivers. On the other hand, high temperatures will have high demand for the maintenance of the track.

Everything important will take place on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday´s official timed practice start at 11 a.m. and the first heats are planned for 4 p.m. Sunday´s program begins at 9:30 a.m. with the seconds heats. The presentation of all contestants of the 5th race of 2012 European Championship will take place at 11:30 a.m. Shortly before 1 p.m. start the third heats. The race will reach its peak at 3:15 p.m. by the finals. The race in Nová Paka will turn the Championship into its second phase.

One of the drivers who welcomes and looks forward to a large number of fans is favorite no. 1 of the Touring Division, local Václav Fejfar.

For you the race in Nová Paka is always specific.

„I always look forward to this race, to fight for the victory on the most difficult track multiplied by local atmosphere is what I love. On the second hand there are high expectations of me, which puts me under increased pressure. This is hard not even on the driver´s skill and technical preparation, but especially on my psychological side. I cannot make any mistake. I drive on the top of my limits, especially to please my fans, friends and sponsors.“

Your car was quite damaged after the race in Matschenberg, did your team of mechanics manage to prepare it for the race?

„We will have to work on the car till Friday evening and it will not be an easy job. It was not just damaged gearing, but also other pats. All that I could say after the Matschenberg race is that my motor is from Mr. Callaghan well prepared.“

What would you say to the fans and what result you expect?

„I thank in advance to all autocross fans for the atmosphere that they will help to make and wish then excellent sporting experience. And regarding the result? It is not boasting, but in Nová Paka I must drive for victory.“

Next to Václav Fejfar, also Ivana Kuželová will have a big support from the fans. This year she will only attend the two European Championship races held in Czech Republic. Come and see, we are about to start in Štikovská Rokle! Albers, Bartoš, Callaghan, Fejfar, Giarollo, Hošek, Karai, Lagodny, Musil, Stubbe, Turek and almost a hundred other drivers.

Pavel Vydra